Listen: Bigott’s “Oh Yeah!!!”

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As the years go by, Bigott’s quirky sense of humor grows along with the length of his mustache. The artist from Zaragosa has written songs about how lucky he is for having broke his mind, how he’s a little retard, how a girl is his man and his dog, cannibal dinners, etc.

The man from Zaragosa and his band return to quirky form with a new album, Blue Jeans, due out March 18th. The second single is “Oh Yeah!!!,” an upbeat, acoustic number that contains Bigott’s unforgettable signature: weird lyrics that somehow to manage to make sense.

“I want you to be my chimp,” he sings, “with the joy of a toy” as acoustic guitars strum along maracas shaken at the same speed as an assault rifle. “You make me feel,” he continues, “like I’ve been walking on coconuts.” It’s romantic in a curious way, a joie de vivre summed up perfectly by the line, “you‘re a perfect day for doing nothing.”

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