Listen: Buffetlibre's "Blurred Lines" Remix [ESP]

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Every summer, a few songs come along that seem hell-bent on making me tear my skin off while driving off a burning cliff into a shark’s mouth. This summer, Pharrell takes all the flesh-eating honors thanks to the ubiquitousness of his Daft Punk collab, “Get Lucky,” and the ever-incessant “Blurred Lines.” Sure, both are impeccably produced and it’s Top 40’s fault for playing them every other second. BUT, these songs leave me dead inside. They feel like attempts at a particular sonic point of view, but end up just feeling like run-of-the-mill club fare. And don’t even get me started on the lyrics. “You’re a good girl / You know you want it” are just not acceptable lyrics in 2013. **I love it when a guy serenades me with wide-eyed rape rhetoric. That’s hot.**

Apparently my hatred for “Blurred Lines” isn’t deep enough because I’m utterly charmed by Buffetlibre’s clubbier, more calculated remix. I hope this doesn’t mean a “Get Lucky” remix is imminent. Let me at least have one song I can attribute world decay to. Just one.