Listen: Buffetlibre Covers Lorde, Neutral Milk Hotel, Chvrches, Jesus & Mary Chain [Global]

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Cornering the overplayed pop market seems to be Buffetlibre’s forte. Last time it was the deplorable “Blurred lines” that got the refix (emphasis on the “fix”). This time it’s a few high profile names, both past and present, for the DJ duo’s latest EP, Elaine’s Ghosts.

Lorde, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Chvrches, and Neutral Milk Hotel cohabitate the same EP, their tracks getting major makeovers and unders by Buffetlibre and friends. Lorde’s “Royals” becomes the song it should be—big, playful, and somewhat campy—thanks to I’m from Barcelona’s Emanuel Lundgren, who channels some serious George Michael swagger. Singers Ed Harcourt and Catherine AD turn The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Sometimes Always”—one of the band’s softer tracks featuring Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval—into an even softer duet, while Sweden’s Jay-Jay Johanson tackles Chvrches’ “The Mother We Share” to similar effect. Closing out Elaine’s Ghosts is seminal Neutral Milk Hotel anthem, “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea,” sung beautifully by Canada’s Dragonette.

It’s an insanely pleasant collection of covers, each one bringing something fresh to the table. All proceeds will benefit OXFAM Intermón. Visit here to learn more about the organization.

Download Buffetlibre’s Elaine Ghosts below: