Listen: Bufi's "El Tecno en tu Idioma" ft. La Royale [MEX]

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Naming your track “El Tecno En Tu Idioma” seems like a declaration of principles as well as a throwback to the rock en español golden age and the way that genre was marketed by the record labels in Mexico. Bufi is one of the indisputable leaders of the Mexican EDM scene and with this retro track he’s probably trying to recapture the feel of classic techno the way it would’ve sounded in the late ’80s if it was imported to Mexico and marketed to the masses the way South American rock was.

But that’s not all Bufi has to offer. Take for example this other track he did in collaboration with La Royale, it’s all about disco glam with the catchiest bass line and lyrics not en tu idioma. Bufi (born Mateo González) resides in DF and has worked with many other artists of the chilango ‘mipster’ scene, like Hello Seahorse!, Quiero Club, DiscoRuido, Rey Pila, Neon Walrus, and The Wookies, so he doesn’t need much of an introduction there, but this side of the border he’s starting to gain momentum. His latest EP was just released by Brooklyn’s indie dance label Tigers on a Leash so I guess it’s just a matter of time until we all start dancing to his “tecno” (regardless of your idioma).