Listen: Bufi’s “Salvaje” EP [MEX]

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Mexico is the future and anyone who just scoffed at that statement will get a chanclazo to the face. It’s all thanks to Mexico City nu-disco/house pioneers such as Bufi, a.k.a. Mateo González, plus a few other cats who have already made an appearance in our lovely pages.

Bufi has been pumping out deep house beats for a while now via labels like Kitsune, Tigers On A Leash, and On The Fruit Records. His latest, a three-song EP, arrives via Discotexas (which is based in Lisbon, Portugal, not Texas), home to artists like Lazydisco, Mirror People, Philosophy Of Sound, and others.

The three songs—“Salvaje,” “I Call You,” and “Papers”—have all that nu-disco goodness we love: dark synths, sounds that remind us of traveling through outer space (something we do on the weekends), and, of course, some infectious beats.