Listen: Bunbury's Spanish cowboy adventure, "Ódiame"

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Continuing on our gratuitous spending spree, an expensive Belgium beer, dark and rich, at 4pm while the rest of the world starts its rush back home from maddening lives and even more chaotic employment, seems just about right as the leaves fall on the park off Plaza Luis Cabrera. A very blonde father and daughter pair sit next to me dipping their bread into olive oil as a strange house beat clusters on the Italian restaurant’s speakers. But, in the confines of my headphones there is one song playing. I listen to the track several times to capture its nuance, like savoring the intricate play between fizz and malty medley working on my tongue. This song is as juxtaposed as my place in this neighborhood, attracting dreadlocked wealth and thrifty hipsterdom, there is something simple and unpretentious about Enrique Bunburys folky rock melodrama. Taking, the music to a very Spanish-cowboy adventure, “Ódiame,” the first single off his forthcoming Licenciado Cantinas (release date: Dec. 13th), reminds me of an old Spanish Zoro quest. I can almost see Antonio Banderas sitting next to me asking for his check.