Listen: Bunny Michael Returns in Alien-Processed Form on Bliscord's "Crystal Children" ft. Smokey Chocolate [USA]

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We have been following Bunny Michael’s career very closely, since she has been making some spectacular music. Although this one isn’t her doing completely, it follows in successful fashion.

Bliscord is the nom-de-plume of Bruno Coviello, better known as half of goth-hop duo Light Asylum. Like his main project, “Crystal Children” retains an industrial edge to the beats, something that fits Michael’s voice perfectly. There’s a brief chorus by Smokey Chocolate before the arrangement goes off the rails and Bunny returns in alien-like processed form. Somehow, the original beat and chorus return at the end but it’s hardly the same.

It’s not the first time Bunny or Smokey Chocolate (a.k.a. Butterfly Brown) work on a Bliscord joint, but this one is definitely a special meeting of the musical minds.