Listen: Bunny Michael's Radical “Southside,” Remixed by Lauren Flax [USA]

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If you aren’t familiar with Bunny Michael yet, stop reading this and press play on her Rainbow Licker EP right now, then keep reading.

If you, however, are already a fan (like you should be), then we have exciting news. “Southside,” one of the most intense tracks on the aforementioned Rainbow Licker EP, has a new remix courtesy of Lauren Flax, member of the band CREEP and once the touring DJ for Fischerspooner. Flax transforms the bongo rhythms and morphed vocals into a blend of Terminator-like bass synths with drum marches, giving the song a slightly new personality– something remixes strive for, but hardly achieve.

Still, the Flax treatment doesn’t take from the original, it still sounds like Bunny Michael. Of course, there are a few differences in the remix, but it especially works when both touch similar territory in tone and mood. The song is powerful, a plea for love in a trans-friendly setting; “Southside” reaffirms Michael’s dream-like art that is both radical and sexual. Lauren Flax just showed us that there’s more than one way to listen to Bunny’s world.

Listen to it here.