Just one glance at any picture of this Madrileño MC and you will know why he’s popular with the femmes. Maybe one day he can change his pseudonym to LL C Tangana, but that’s just a thought.

Over the three tracks present in this playlist, the rapper formerly known as Crema gives us a sampling of his rhymes and flow. “Trouble” features dreamy keyboards and vintage synths, both carried by a shuffling beat that accompanies C. throughout the tune. “Presidente,” on the other hand, sounds more at home at 1:00 a.m. in the club, with Tangana contrasting the beat with a venom-spilling rap about corrupted politicians. This track makes an encore appearance thanks to a Red Bull Academy alumnus, Barcelona’s own bRUNA, whose cyberpunk synths, robot-marching drums, and glitchy arrangements give the joint a breath of new life, a different suit for C. Tangana’s harsh lyrics to come through.

On these three songs he proves that he has a lot more going on than just a pretty face. Perhaps that’s why Ladies Love C. Tangana.