Free Download: Campo-Formio’s “Lola” [P.R.]

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Prepare yourselves for Campo-Formio, the band you didn’t know you were waiting for! The punk/acid-garage trio from Puerto Rico teased the arrival of their debut LP, here comes…Campo-Formio!, with “Lola.” It’s a two-minute rush of guitars stacked on guitars stacked on drums courtesy of Diego Bernal, Ricardo Pérez, and Fernando Quintero about a one-sided relationship. Lola is on the losing end of this one.

The band, by the way, lends itself to a great round of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Here we go:

Campo-Formio is also the name of a village in Italy where Napoleon Bonaparte led peace talks between France and Austria in 1797 (the Treaty of Campo-Formio). Napoleon was the subject of a never-produced film by Stanley Kubrick, who produced/wrote/directed the film version of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. Lolita is also the name of an actress who starred in JFK alongside Kevin Bacon. POW!