Listen: Captain Planet's "Un Poquito Más" ft. Chico Mann [USA]

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I’m not gonna bury the lede: this one here has potential to become a massive hit this summer. I don’t know why nobody thought about this combo earlier, but Captain Planet and Chico Mann complement each other so perfectly that I’d even suggest they should stop messing around and record a whole album as a duo.

Un Poquito Más” is just a single, though, so don’t get too excited yet. It’s also the first track to leak off Captain Planet’s upcoming sophomore album, Esperanto Slang, which you can definitely get excited about. I know I am. No release date announced yet by the label, but I’m hoping it drops soon because I wanna spin this beauty, on vinyl, in my sets, before the end of the summer. In the meantime, I’ll have to do with the MP3 here.