Listen: Celofan's Debut LP, Ideas a Medias [MEX]

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Soon you’ll get a peek at our most anticipated upcoming albums of 2014 (soon!), but this release was in my personal archive. Celofán, the Tijuana alt project featuring Ibi Ego drummer Miguel Ahuage, debuted in style with Ideas a Medias, a 10-track piece of non-stop fuzz and toe tapping. Nothing on this album is particularly new, but it is exciting and raw at points. “Fácil” requires your maximum karaoke effort (jumping, head banging, and screaming); Dazed and slightly romantic “Sombras,” whose video we admired a few months ago, brings the pace down without turning the volume down; and “Dinobaby” turns to English and catchy riffs to veer the album into sunnier territories.

Celofán is asking you to Pay with a Tweet if you want the whole thing, but you can stream it for now via their bandcamp. I suggest you do so. I don’t always need an album to reek of nuance. I just need it to be good. Ideas a Medias isn’t recreating the wheel. It’s just doing that wheel really well.