Listen: Cementerio de Mascotas' "After Party" [MEX]

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Oscar Rodríguez is self-proclaimed emo kid. Everyone familiar with his music as Matilda Manzanaand his Twitter timeline–should be well aware of this by now, only that with Matilda, it is disguised behind the walls of reverb and delay, folkloric percussions, and cloudy synths. He now introduces us to his new project, called Cementerio de Mascotas, where he wears this fact like a badge of honor.

The first taste we get from this new alias is “After Party,” included on his forthcoming first EP of the same name, which was impressively recorded in only one day. This is Rodríguez at his most straightforward, with classic rock instrumentation and structure, and few effects. He actually ended up sounding like emo godfathers The Smashing Pumpkins. He sings about getting drunk at an after party and realizing that he’s really an asocial man. Been there. He also makes very clear he’s fed up with hip hop– he says so even on the single’s artwork. Emo kid for life.