Get lost on optimism on Chinese Christmas Cards' "Dreams"

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It starts with this intense hip hop beat and then jolts into confections. But, just when you think the vocals were getting a little too monotonous, the melody switches and you’ve been swooped into a frenzy of good feelings. The lyrics rush and lull, which seems contradictory but how ever Barcelona’s duo Chinese Christmas Cards figured out to keep my attention long enough for me to realize I actually do want to preserve my “Dreams,” is nothing short of a miracle. As if completely overwhelmed by all the wonderful things about life, this uplifting number doesn’t only rip through your speakers with all the force of a delivery truck stopping off at your doorstep to surprise you with a crescent in the morning, but hey… the guy drumming on top of the truck is kinda cute too…

Ummm. I mean listen to Chinese Christmas Cards’ pop-candy production, on the lollypop but intelligently naive track, “Dream” (via Mushroom Pillow).

Chinese Christmas Cards – Dreams by Mushroom Pillow