Listen: Chucha Santamaría's Tom Tom Club/Mariah Carey Mashup [PR]

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Is it terrible that I kind of love this? It is, it’s totally terrible and I don’t blame you for respecting me less. Chucha Santamaría y Usted (aka Chucha Santamaría), the Puerto Rican/Oakland-based electro duo, mashes up Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love” and Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” (which is already just “Genius of Love”) to so-bad-it’s-good effect. Loosely translated into Spanish, the mashup takes on an exceedingly simple electro-reggaeton riff, while singer Sofía Córdova’s tone-deafness flails around in rich, painful fashion. It’s so tacky. This needs to be played at a wedding like right now, but wait until everyone’s super sloppy, then they’ll truly appreciate its greatness.