Listen: Coiffeur’s Conquista de lo Inútil LP [CHL]

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There really is no need to introduce Coiffeur, the artistic alter ego of Morón-native Guillermo Alonso, because he’s been around for some time changing his sound, acquiring live band members, and even getting mentions from Rolling Stone Argentina. He deserves all the accolades; his work gets better and better with every record he puts out, as is evidenced by his newest album, Conquista de lo Inútil.

Conquista de lo Inútil is almost an intimate affair, featuring Coiffeur’s signature disco pop with tinges of folk, electro, and the falsetto that characterizes him. The tracks have a vintage feel, almost as if they were recorded in a bedroom studio, yet the delicate synths, 8-bit breaks and the ever-present drum machine let you know it’s quite the polished product. It’s hard to pick and choose standout tracks, specifically because Alonso created a record so cohesive that you’re almost obligated to listen to it from start to finish. Nonetheless, the first single, “Damero,” with its playful ABBA vibe, is bound to be an instant dance floor classic. He also channels the great ballads of the ’70s and ’80s in “Christine” to great success, and “Simulacro Pt.2” is just…well, a very sophisticated piece of disco punk that you won’t be able to get out of your head. The closing track, “Nudo,” could’ve easily been featured in a Soft Cell album and, for that alone, Coiffeur has won my heart for ever.

The album, which was produced by Juan Stewart, is available for streaming on Quemasucabeza.