Listen: Corderolobo's Desastres Naturales y Mañana en la Mañana [CHL]

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Corderolobo, aka Carlos Vargas, brings sometimes-chilled, sometimes-warm near-chants to bear in his deliciously even second album Desastres Naturales y Mañana en la Mañana. The album is a collection of haunted houses. The ghosts in each of these homes, though, are upbeat undead with no intention to frighten you, and every intention of getting you to put a sheet over your head and sway with them for eternity.

Desastres is a multimedia endeavor consisting of Corderolobo’s music, stories written by other musicians and inspired by the album, and a group of illustrations—one for each of the record’s songs—designed by NYC-based artist Ricardo Villavicencio. Though the project’s moving parts seem huge, it all comes together for a subtle, yet all-encompassing experience.