Listen: Cut Your Hair's "Mad Love"

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Mushroom Pillow, the Madrid-based label repping some of Spain’s most charged acts (Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Delorean, El Columpio Asesino, among others), dropped this little ditty on us recently. Cut Your Hair returns with a follow-up to their debut track, “Utah in Pictures.”

From the moment “Mad Love” starts, you know sitting still isn’t an option. As the volume slowly rises in the first few seconds, you’re convinced you’ve been shoved into a 9-minute club jam in medias res. “Mad Love” is more boyish, more “rave,” more fun than “Utah in Pictures,” befitting a trio of young dudes who seem to keep their muses close to them. Their sound and look lean toward the British, but Spain’s presence is undeniable. We’re looking forward to hearing how these guys fare on a full-length album, because if these small EPs are any indication, they’ve got something worth playing.

Check out “Mad Love” by Spain’s Cut Your Hair, available as a three-track EP with “American Lullaby” and “Sweet Sensation.”

Download Cut Your Hair’s Mad Love below: