Listen: CWS' (Cardopusher & Nehuen) Untitled EP, Both Mechanical and Ready for the Funk [GLOBAL]

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Although the tracks lack titles, one can easily make mental connections and come up your own, conjuring variations of nude photographs, cybotrons, and German highways. This is electro; a dark, sensual minimalistic dance music that is both mechanical and ready for the funk. Cardopusher and Nehuen invite you to a celebration of all things analog.

CWS is the union of two technotronic artists that have a ton in common. Both are Red Bull Academy alumni and even release music in similar electronic genres. More than the similarities, the fun starts when you delve in the differences. Cardopusher is Luis Garbán, a Venezuelan-born producer; Nehuen Mac Allister hails from Buenos Aires. Both found each other in Barcelona and decided to form a label called Classicworks, and their new collaboration takes its name.

The sound of this 12” EP is based in the past–a pragmatic fact since most of their gear is vintage–but their approach looks forward without losing ground. The cuts are hard and spacious; the second track could even easily soundtrack a breakdancing battle in the middle of a public park. For the last tune of the bunch, they invited DMX Krew, who injects a little bit of funk to their distorted drum march, but retains the spiky, acid-over-the-circuit-boards feel.

CWS, the pair say, was formed to focus on the live front, so be sure to expect them to turn up at your nearest electronic music festival. If you catch them, be sure to get down like an android.