Listen: Dahni's "Beta Match" [VEN]

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Daniel Elorza has been releasing music under the Kiev moniker for a couple of years now, serving deep tracks influenced mainly by—but not limited to—British dubstep. But recently the Venezuelan electronic producer has switched his alias and his sound. Now, using the name Dahni (is it a reference to Dan Snaith’s Daphni?), Elorza just released the song “Beta Match,” and it is a delicious throwback number that has more to do with ’80s funk than with any UK underground genre. This is a very austere and skeletal funky song; you can count the elements with the fingers of your hands. A simple kick-and-clap beat drives the song, while the vocals processed through a vocoder intensify as the song progresses. And when the sub-bass hits, it hits hard, that’s where you get a glimpse of his background and previous work.