Listen: David Velasco, Porter's New Singer [MEX]

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As you’ve probably heard, Juan Son—the man, the musician, the beautiful otherworldly being—has indefinitely parted ways with Porter after their much-publicized reunion. The remaining members of Porter have decided to carry on without Son, performing old material while focusing on creating new material. “But how does Porter work without Son?” rabid fans might ask. To which Porter would answer, “Well, with a new singer who kind of maybe sounds like Juan Son.”

David Velasco, a solo singer/songwriter from Guadalajara, has been tapped to replace Son for the time being. Proof of his initiation can be found here (performing “Vaquero Galáctico” and “Cuervos”), as well as some stream-only links to his own material. Velasco and Son share a similar breathy shriek, so it’s comfortable for longtime fans to swallow. In his own work, Velasco maintains a somber note throughout, with some beautiful vocal flourishes at times. “Caminos” and “Cositas” are two great examples of Velasco’s solo prowess. So even if it doesn’t work out with Porter, not all is lost for the guy.