Listen: Deathface's Retro-Cybernetic Cry For Black Dawn EP, Out Now On Lil Death Records [USA]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Get your mesh shirts and eyeliner out because, according to Deathface, industrial, EBM, and digital hardcore are back; as retro-cybernetic as they ever were.

The man behind these android-grooves is Johnny Love who began his career as an infamous Chicago party promoter, formed the band Guns N’ Bombs in Los Angeles, and then moved to Brooklyn where he began as Deathface, recording two EPs prior to this one.

Cry For Black Dawn starts as a sort of goth rave that would’ve been all the rage some 15 years ago. However, not everything has a retro sensibility, since it also has shades of witch house in the beats and synth sounds. Female vocals throughout gives it a black-hearted sensuality, recalling an industrial pop sensibility that Nine Inch Nails rode to the top during their glory days. Love has good help from guests Pictureplane, labelmate Tamara Sky, and Megan Thomas. He even gets to throw in a cover of the classic “Warm Leatherette” by The Normal.

For all the kids with pale skin who want to get their groove on, listen to this EP below.