LISTEN: Deborah de Corral's "Algo"

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The transition from top model to pop songstress is not an easy one–especially if you expect any sort of artistic credibility and respect amongst the critics. Deborah de Corral has been traveling through that bumpy road for over fifteen years and is finally ready to break with the stereotype (or at least try her best) with her upcoming solo debut.

For those of you who might not be familiar with this pretty face, well, back in the mid-90’s she was a über-famous cover girl in Argentina, who thanks to her exotic looks, quirky sense of fashion and association with rockstars became the poster girl of the so-called generation X (how long has it been since you last read that terminology, huh?).

She first tried to crossover to the rock arena while dating Soda Stereo‘s drummer Charly Alberti with whom she released an album under the name Plum. It didn’t work very well, the couple broke up at the time the album was being released. Few years later she upgraded from drummer-groupie to frontman-groupie when she dated Gustavo Cerati himself and she even supplied some guest vocals on his (worst solo) album Siempre Es Hoy. Later she formed a band with Ezequiel Araujo (former-El Otro Yo), nothing happened there either.

Now, finally, she’s going for her solo debut. “Algo” is her first single out and it doesn’t sound bad at all. Totally detached from the over-layered guitar distortion of her “alternative” beginnings this new Deborah sounds unapologetically catchy pop with an overall feel-good mood in both melody and vocals. In fact, “Algo” could easily pass as a Julieta Venegas song.

Will this help her break the karma of the model-turned-singer? You be the judge.

Deborah de Corral – ALGO