Listen: Desert's "Saps prou bé" [ESP]

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In 2012, Alba Blasi, from Extraperlo, and Cristina Checa, a singer who participated on El Guincho’s Pop Negro, released their first EP under the name Granit. An EP that was so great that it quickly generated international buzz on hip websites, even before its release date. But soon after, the duo was no more. Bummer! But the good news is: Cristina, now joined by producer Eloi Caballe, formed Desert, and their music is fantastic.

They have already released a two-song 7″ on young Madrilenian label Glitter End in 2013. Now, they just released the first single of Envalira, their forthcoming debut EP that will be out this June. “Saps prou bé,” more than a song, is a ride. In 6 minutes, they take us many places–all of them beautiful and full of color, where the exquisite production and the stunning vocals, with lyrics sung entirely in Catalan, grab our attention instantly. Even though the song has a vintage feel, it definitely sounds current and exciting. The wordless but majestic chorus will make you think–pardon the comparison–of a mix between Cocteau Twins and Purity Ring. And at around the four-minute mark, the song changes its dream pop qualities to a danceable instrumental section, and it fits perfectly.

Envalira will be out on June 17 through Minty Fresh and Buenritmo. Listen to “Saps prou bé” here: