Listen: El Columpio Asesino's "Toro" (Rey Pila Remix)

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We seriously can’t get enough of this song. Really. We’ve literally featured this same track, “Toro” by El Columpio Asesino, like four good times. And the album debuted in Diamantes just this year. Watch the video of it HERE, and even download the original track THERE (it was also part of our monthly’s compilation of El Mix). And now we’re featuring the remix! But you know why it keeps appearing on our blog? Because we effing LOVE this song! Duh. As it goes with remixes, the remixer may mess it up or rock it up. There are actually several attempts of it, such as Ville Rowland’s remix and Bilbadino’s readaptation (the latter one’s pretty cool).

To say the least, originally composed by Spain-based indie rock’s El Columpio Asesino, Texas-by-way-of-Mexico’s indie rock sensation Rey Pila gave the “Toro” remix a freaking damn good twist! Featuring his signature shoegaze sound and slowing down the rpm’s, he turned this remix from a standard but really cool alt-indie rock track into a landscape of psychedelic enchantment where distorted and funky, mid-tempo percussion beats meet my ear drums to give it massive bliss. Stream it below under Circulo Mixup‘s SoundCloud page. This is a must listen.

Toro (Rey Pila Remix) – El Columpio Asesino by Circulo Mixup