Listen: El Último Vecino's Self-Titled Debut [ESP]

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The past few weeks have yielded a number of discoveries in what appears to be a post-punk/new wave revival in Spain. We’re not sure who/what is to blame (the ’80s-like Reagan/Thatcher-style austerity measures and 1% tomfoolery perhaps?) but a number of artists have popped up on our radar recently whose work is all gothic synths and shimmery guitars.

The latest discovery is El Último Vecino from Barcelona. The group is actually just one dude, Gerard Alegre Dòria, who just released a self-titled debut album of what he calls techno-pop, a mix of post-punk, and new wave sounds and effects. The guitars and vocals sound like something pulled from an Echo & The Bunnymen record while the keys and synths could have easily been influenced by the likes of The Human League, Kraftwerk, and Aviador Dro.