Listen: Extasis Records' Summer Compilation, Wishing You a Very Vaporwave Summer [MEX]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Right off the bat, this compilation explicitly welcomes you to a very vaporwave summer. Summarized by a speech read aloud talking about sociopolitical situations with cyberspace-era buzzwords, the speech resembles the avant-literature genre known as codework or perhaps some teenage girl posting cryptic stuff on Tumblr. With an intro like that, this compilation might not seem like a whole lotta fun but it actually brims with it.

Compiled by Jack’ie Lo and DJ Hotmale, this comp might look and smell vaporwave in its presentation but it has more variety to make for an interesting and bizarre party. Some sounds are cheesy, some noisy. The main factor that ties everything together is that every track has something interesting to listen for.

Some noteworthy tracks are CosmicDeal’s minimalist bears and synth melodies, Óniro Nauta’s accordeon explorations, xs=codien’s dizzying, 8-bit bass tones and DJ Smurphy’s dancey collage. Others like Blaze Kidd and Traxmatik get vocal turns, the former offering perreo-ready flow over some elegant arpeggios while the later revisits UK grime for an inspired turn. And of course, every listener might find a new sound that may tickle his or her brain and/or weird bone.

Stream or download the post-modern hit of the summer below.