Listen: FAX's Motion EP [MEX]

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It’s an album and it’s digital. It’s a digital album. Simple, right? Not really. Well, maybe a little. Scratch that: let’s start over. Motion EP is a digital album by FAX. It’s smooth and solid. The simplicity of its four songs is inviting. It starts strong with “Cascade,” possibly the best track, followed by “X,” a song that carries a bit more intensity.

Motion EP is not too heavy on electronic experimentations, but what it lacks in audacity it makes up for in rhythm, as well as a pinch of post-rock melancholia that colors the entire album, but is especially felt during the song “Little Boy.”

You can download Motion EP below. It was recorded in Mexicali and released by Static Records, a music label that has promised to also release books by the late Tijuana writer Rafa Saavedra, a friend I can only wish I had gotten to know better. Listen to the songs and check out the art cover by Bez Martinen.