Listen: Fonogram's “Lullaby,” Dreamy Digital Pop [MEX]

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Static Discos are best known for bringing quality electronica to your table, and while Fonogram uses some digital sounds in his craft, the project displays great songwriting chops with a ton of influences. We’re in the realm of the pop song here.

“Lullaby” is the first cut available from Vicente García Landa’s new EP called Hymns I, which he has described as a tribute to some of the music that he grew up with as a teenager, namely Brian Wilson, Slowdive, britpop and Motown. You can hear some traces of those artists throughout: the melodies are complicated but effortless, there’s big bold musical statements along with a dreamy quality to everything, and the production is quite ambitious. However, it would be inaccurate to describe “Lullaby” using only those artists as references. For starters, there’s no denying this sounds like nineties electronic music, with it’s delayed keyboards, claps, and digital strings. The outro even features effects-laden samples battling a guitar solo straight outta Noel Gallagher’s Epiphone Casino.

If there is a teenage quality to the song, it’s in its presentation which is anything but subtle. Vicente uses major chords that make everything sound big and bold, heroic even; yet, there’s a feeling of melancholy, a forced smile through conflicted thoughts expressed in melody. García Landa has said that this will be his last pop statement and, if it’s true, he is going out with a loud bang.

Hymns I will be available on July 14. Listen to “Lullaby” here.