Listen: Gepe’s “Cola Rota” [CHL]

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Any day Gepe releases a new song is a good day. It gets even better when said song is released to benefit the Unión de Amigos de los Animales, a Chilean charity dedicated to helping abandoned pets. So that’s what makes Gepe’s new track, “Cola Rota,” a pleasure to listen to.

With a simple melody backed by an acoustic guitar and a violin, Gepe tells the story of Victoria Roma, a Cocker Spaniel mix found on the street. It’s a love song to the small dog-–which you can see Gepe playing with in the UAA’s Facebook photo gallery (swoon!)—in which the singer promises to take care of her, love her, and provide for her throughout her life. As the title suggests, Victoria Roma was apparently found with a broken tail, yet as Gepe tells her heartbreaking story, he promises to always have time for her. Unless you have a heart as frozen as a Michigan pond in mid-February, there’s no way you won’t shed a tear listening to this track.

If you’re in Chile and want to help out, you can head over to Unión de Amigos de los Animales’ page. If you aren’t, you can always head over to Gepe’s SoundCloud page and give “Cola Rota” a listen because there is always a need to listen to uplifting stories about puppies.

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