Listen: Ginferno y Los Saxos del Averno's "Erta Ale" [ESP]

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Well, this is different! Straight from Madrid comes the only hipster-band-that-isn’t-a-hipster-band that you’ll ever like: Ginferno y Los Saxos del Averno.

I’ve listened to the band’s latest album, Erta Ale, at least 100 times in the past week and still can’t pinpoint the genius behind it. Is it the Leonard Cohen/Tom Waits/Nick Cave-esque sound of their singer? Is it their mix of punk, blues, rock, and jazz? Or is it the added layer of badassery provided by brass quartet Los Saxos del Averno?

Ginferno’s been around for 15 years and it’s a shame most of us are only now hearing about them. Their songs are soundtracks to movies that have yet to be written, featuring detectives, femme fatales, humid nights at seedy bars, and dudes in peacoats smoking cigarettes. Put on your headphones because we have lots of catching up to do.