Listen: Gun Selectah's "Como un perro"

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Oh snap! This beat broke my back. Seriously, I need a massage. I can already hear the M.I.A. remix, “come on da da da boy, I need a rub.” This track lives up to its name. Gun Selectah is the prefect combo of experimental intent and persistent percussion. With outstanding interludes, “Como Un Perro” claws at your knees and begs on its back. This is the absolute best way to start a banger weekend. Find that house party, crowd your way through, and juke it all up on the wall until the blue, jean stains on the white paint are the least of the apartment owner’s worries. This right here is the reason parties get busted up. Dangerous. Ernest Gonzales of Mexicans With Guns and Toy Selectah kill it with like five different kinds of hand weapons at once, slapped down into one dub-tronic jammer. For you vinyl heads, there’s only 500 copies of this bad boy in existence… yup. Get that limited edition right here.

Gun Selectah – Como un Perro by mexicanswithguns