Listen: Haciendo el Mal's "Extraño" [MEX]

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You know how some songs are called ditties and others aren’t? The Mars Volta doesn’t make ditties. Rush didn’t make ditties. There has to be some innocent or playful quality about it to merit the word. Well, Haciendo el Mal’s newest song is a ditty if I’ve ever heard one.

Haciendo el Mal is an all-female quartet from Mexico City formed by Pau y Amigos lead, Paulina Lasa, along side Karen Ruiz, Hortencia Fuentes, and Macarena Guerrero. “Extraño” is the first single off the band’s upcoming debut, due out later this year. The track, which is a re-edit, kicks off with storybook nostalgia, the piano keys teetering simply and crisply, their voices harmonizing toward a whimsical endpoint. It all comes out lovely and bare, but densely emotive and focused. Solid ditty, indeed.