Listen: Has A Shadow’s "Sky Is Hell Black" LP [USA/MX]

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Captcha Records expands their rather exciting catalogue with yet another fine piece of hypnotic noisy neo-psychedelia (yes, that old term that nowadays goes annoyingly by the term “shoegaze”), hailing from the totally-not-psychedelic city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. It’s Has a Shadow: an assertive combo in terms of melody, repetition, reverberation, and distortion, that sounds able to headline any proper festival dedicated to the mind expansion through tinnitus.

With Sky is Hell Black, their brand new recording – on limited edition clear vinyl or digital download – the band dwells in the same seas as those of the Spacemen 3’s family tree, or more recent outfits like M O O N, Wooden Ships, The Black Angels, Dead Meadow and such.

With nine tracks of dazzling, lush sound dynamics, you get to feel spine-tickling churchey organs, fuzz-pedal atmospheres, pounding beats, lurking voices from the grave and cavern-deep echoes, that either take you in a wormhole space travel or an immersion to the bottom of your own mind.

Sky is Hell Black was recorded through the winter of 2012 in Mexico City, in a house where the band’s bassist, Victor “Remi” Garay used to live as a child. Alberto Gonzalez (Beto or “The Obsolete” from Mexican psych duo labelmates Lorelle Meets the Obsolete) was responsible for recording and mixing. Rodolfo Samperio played guitar, and Daniel Garciano played both guitar and electric organ in addition to providing the vocals.

The Obsolete also played the drums and contributed guitar tracks to some of the songs.

Right now is your chance to head over to their Bandcamp, because this is a collection of songs that certainly has to be some place inside your heart and mind, pulsing next to your heartbeat.