Listen: Hawaiian Gremlins' GIRLS EP [MEX]

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Things haven’t really changed a lot for the Hawaiian Gremlins guys. Following their 2013 EP, Teenage Ways, their new GIRLS EP is, in many ways, a continuation of all of their work to date. The chorus-drenched guitars are still there, playing their melodies and counter melodies. There are still the cold programmed drums, with the tinny, reverby snares. Yes, the languid octave vocals are also there, singing words in English that are sometimes unintelligible (lines like “we’re having so much fun,” or “please, don’t kill my vibe” pop out.) And yes, they are still making the same brand of ’80s-inspired jangle pop that, for better or worse, will make you think they’re riding the Captured Tracks wave.

These three Mexican young men aren’t inventing anything new. We’ve heard stuff like this before (recently and back then). But this is a sweet little EP that will most likely make you feel really good. Stream it below.