Listen: Helado Negro Enters the Falsetto Zone in "Ojos que no ven" [USA]

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Just a couple of weeks before the imminent release of Helado Negro’s new album, Double Youth (2014, Asthmatic Kitty) Roberto Lange shares its second single. His previous one, “I Krill You,” has a lot more in common with his 2013 album, Invisible Life, while “Ojos que no ven” is surprisingly short and simple, in structure, elements, and programming. It has a flavorful slow rhythm that will have you nodding in seconds. On top of it, he croons beautiful metaphors in Spanish with his velvet-like voice, effortlessly going into the falsetto zone. He suggestively blends the pronunciation of “y ├ímame” and “ll├ímame,” backed up by a mystery female singer. This is Helado Negro in full effect.

Double Youth is out September 2nd on Asthmatic Kitty.