Listen: I Am Dive’s “Plane Window” [ESP]

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If anyone ever tells you that the sun shines brightly all over Spain, believe them! The sun doesn’t usually set until around 10 p.m. and rises early, giving most of the country just a few wee hours of night time to bask in.

The Sevilla-based duo, I Am Dive, creates dreamy/ambient pop music fit for that brief window of full and partial moons (well, so long as those nights aren’t Thursday-Saturday. Those are party nights).

José A. Pérez & Esteban Ruiz’s latest release is the appropriately-named EP Plane Windows. Songs “You Live & You Learn” and “Way Out” have that feeling of transition, nowhere-ness, and in-betweenness you get when you’re traveling via airplane. Plus, doesn’t that guy kinda sound like Paul Banks?