Free Download: Jarina de Marco Covers Merengue Classic "El Venao" [USA]

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Time to move our bodies and take our antlers out! New York-based, Dominican bombshell Jarina De Marco revives a classic tune straight from our parents’ parties to our own dance floors.

Jarina selects “El Venao,” a humorous and somewhat controversial merengue from the ’90s—it’s about cheating!—to spin it into an upbeat electronic rendition of her own. Even when she ventures out of her Caribbean-rooted comfort zone, some of the mystic elements that identify her musical style still make their way into the song. I mean, who else could have mixed those futuristic synthesizers with a bachata guitar riff? Only a young soul with the guts to admit that she admires the music her grandma used to listen to.

“El Venao” is available as a free download below.

[insert-video youtube=nvvIXSJO-XI]