Listen to John Talabot's new single "So Will Be Now (ft. Pional)"

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Y’all know, I’m a product of Chicago house right? If you hadn’t figure that out from the ardent flip-my-shit-love of anything with heavy subs and bass, then let it be known, John Talabot‘s new single off ƒin, soon to be released in February, might be one of the best things I’ve heard this year. Granted the year hasn’t been in full swing for long, but it’s warming up quite well. This the kind of shit you sway to when you’re in a tequila-crazed frenzy after a year long hiatus from your hometown. There’s something true in the techno farce, a forced tranquility that breaks knees into submission. This is the kind of music you want to ride to infinity and beyond, while giving road head to. And if that’s not enough, this Barcelona mixer, Talabot is steering the car straight into the fires of hell. You might, wanna buckle up, cuz it’s gonna be a bump-bump-bumpy ride.

So will be now… (feat. Pional) by John Talabot