Listen: José Gallardo A’s Para que duerma en el soslayo EP [COL]

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José Gallardo A is a musician, composer, and teacher from Medellin, Colombia, who uses the Música Inmobiliaria moniker to explore the possibilities of the acoustic guitar and folk music. But on his new EP, Para que duerma en el soslayo, the first release under his own name, he decided to ditch the “acoustic” part of his electroacoustic experiments, and he took a shot at musical software and electronic hardware only.

This EP, imagined as a first attempt at making electronic music, sounds fairly good. It’s supposed to be a collection of ambient songs, but the basic beats behind them break the spell. The pieces are sonically interesting, the mixture of all the textures tickles your ears and keeps you interested, and the recurring sounds throughout the EP make it cohesive. In general, these tracks are synth improvisations over static loops, and sometimes they feel unnecessarily long and monotonic. And production-wise, there isn’t really that much going on. But if you decide to dive into them, it’s a pleasant listen.