LISTEN: Juanes Overcomes Betrayal on New Song “Veneno”

Lead Photo: Photo by Mario Alzate.
Photo by Mario Alzate.
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Juanes is ready to heal from the toxicity once and for all on his latest single, “Veneno,” out today (May 4).

With a laid-back vibe and a groovy rhythm, “Veneno” describes a past relationship that’s gone sour. The Colombian confidently sings about how he’s no longer affected by his romantic partner’s viciousness and is overcoming their transgressions. 

“Whether a former friend, co-worker or romantic partner, it is somebody whose betrayal was so traumatic that it physically caused you health problems,” said Juanes in a press release.

The accompanying music video for the track, directed by María Camila Calle, features Juanes’ son Dante making his acting debut. “[Dante] did a wonderful job in representing that inner child in us, who battles with and eventually overcomes ‘The Giant’ hurt left by that betrayal,” continued Juanes.

Set to be released on May 19, “Veneno” is the fourth single from Juanes’ upcoming album Vida Cotidiana. Ahead of the album’s release, Juanes already treated fans by releasing several singles, including “Amores Prohibidos,” “Gris,” and “Ojala.” The highly-anticipated LP marks Juanes’ return to his rock-pop roots and will be his first all-original studio album since 2019’s Más Futuro Que Pasado.

“[‘Veneno’] is like my approach to funk, to Prince, that kind of feeling that I really love. But it’s just like a, let’s say, one flavor of the album because the album really has different colors,” the musician told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. “I am from Colombia, so I always mix elements from Caribbean percussion, Colombian percussion with electric guitar.

Last year, Juanes’ tribute album Origen won both Latin Grammy and Grammy Awards. He was then inducted into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame as he celebrated a 20-year career as one of Latin America’s most prominent musicians. A biography of the singer called 1,577,836,800 Seconds was released in tandem with his 50th birthday.

Listen to “Veneno” below.