Listen: Juanita y Los Feos' "Vallecas" [ESP]

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Juanita y Los Feos are back and more sardonic than ever. After three years of silence, this Spanish pop-punk outfit recently announced a new album and single to hassle every righteous soul in their way.

If we look at Nueva Numancia’s eye-grabbing artwork, many characters and situations are taking place at once: death, demons, fire, zombies, and a tiny city overlooked by these hills of doom. When we hear “Vallecas,” a song sharing the same name as a neighborhood in Madrid, the angst of being poor and forgotten jumbles with upbeat guitars, fun organ sounds, and Juanita’s signature shrill voice. It’s cool to know they’re not giving up on the dynamic attitude that made their previous 2011 album, Pesadillas Adultas, one of the best rock releases in their country during that year.

The band will be revealing the rest of Nueva Numancia live on May 24th.