Listen: Jumbo’s “Restaurant Revisitado” ft. Disco Ruido, Andrea Balency & many more

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Album re-issues are always a toss-up. Do longtime fans really want to re-invest in purchasing an album they’ve owned for years? Can’t new fans just pick up the originals online anyway? How do you entice new and old fans to plop down cash on songs that have been around for years?

Mexican band Jumbo has answered the latter question with a wonderful answer: a re-issue of their 1999 debut album Restaurant completely redone by other artists. Restaurant Revisitado is a re-issue of the band’s debut with one amazing catch: every song, including the six bonus tracks not on the original album, is performed by a different artist. The result is an amazing collection of “covers.”

Comisario Pantera’s version of “Aqui” takes the angsty, alternative rock sound of the original and swaps with a palette of indie rock sounds including a ukelele. Siddhartha’s take on “Siento Que” sounds completely like his own original song. Seriously, I’d have never known it was a cover if I weren’t writing this story! And then there’s “Tu Me Ves” by Andrea Balency, which is completely unrecognizable as a sexy trip-hop tune.

Other performers on the album include Mexican Dubwiser, Disco Ruido, Rodrigo Robles, Los Claxons and many more.

Listen to Restaurant Revisitado below.