Listen: Juventud Juche's "Haz la mantis" & "Restos de un incendio" [ESP]

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Duo Juventud Juché is a member of that great Sonido Muchacho roster, whose excellence we celebrated back in June with their anniversary compilation. I have a particular soft spot for the label because they introduced me to such acts as Juché, KILL KILL!, and, above all, El Pardo. But this post is about Juventud Juché, so let’s focus on them.

Juventud Juché makes the kind of unfiltered, stripped, aggressively fun music you wish you made, or you wish you listened to more. Each song is a jolt, a mini revolution that only takes up about a minute of your time (not including repeat listens, which are inevitable). Quemadero is their upcoming (and no-doubt excellent) December debut and for now you can listen to “Haz la mantis” and “Restos de un incendio,” two legit examples of why this band is so respected. Both songs harness this Clash quality that’s utterly charming, so listen below and pre-order the LP at Juventud Juché’s bandcamp.

UPDATE: Now we can see what these boys look like. Here is the now-trio (their body parts and instruments) performing “Lacras,” off the upcoming Quemadero. It’s all about that bass.