Listen: La Yegros' "Viene de mí" (El Remolón Remix) [ARG]

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Earlier this year ZZK Records‘ First Lady, La Yegros, released her debut album, Viene de mí, and before that, a small collection of great remixes from the album’s title single surfaced.

If that wasn’t enough for you and you were wondering what else could be coming from her and her catchy hit, well, here you have yet another remix, done by one of Buenos Aires’ ñu-cumbia pioneers, El Remolón.

El Remolón has a distinctive production style that’s very compatible with the song in its original form, so a remix by him could’ve been kinda predictable. Instead, El Remolón decided to break away with his usual style and take the song into a completely different direction, switching gears half-way through the track to an up-tempo, fidgety, dance-floor destroyer.