Listen: Las Hermanas' EP [COL]

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Marcos Hassan. @Kiddieriot

Listening to the dark, mysterious corners of this EP, Bogota might come across to you like a nostalgic and sinister place. Of course, Las Hermanas are not the most representative of Colombian music, but they are a mighty fine beat-exporting unit.

Resembling classic dub in its structure and instrumentation, Las Hermanas do without the oceans of reverb that classic Jamaican selectahs used to drown their work in. Instead, we find plenty of xylophones, vinyl cracks, and what sounds like tape samples that go off-speed regularly. There’s an undeniable influence of the past decade, especially recalling some of the less digital and poppy sides of Animal Collective and their offshoot Terrestrial Tones (without the weird factor). These are half-creepy, half-Sunday-shaded, laid-back sides for your enjoyment.

This seamlessly flowing EP is available thanks to the fine folks at Discos Muertos and you can check it out below.