Listen: Los Bunkers’ “Bailando Solo”

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It’s hard to believe these guys have been around for almost 15 years considering how fresh they sound. Take the Chilean’s band new single, “Bailando Solo,” for instance. The song sounds like something a couple of fresh faces from England would’ve put together after a night out on the town getting pissed at the local pub and maintaining their sense of humor despite being shut down by every other girl this side of Westminster Abbey.

It’s the band’s first, new piece since their last album, Música Libre, in 2010. The track has a Franz Ferdinand vibe to it with shades of “You Girls” and “The Dark of the Matinee” running through its 4:27 minute length. It’s very danceable and very indie. So much, in fact, that no one’s gonna judge you for dancing alone to this one. And if they do, well, screw ‘em, they don’t know what’s good!

Download Los Bunker’s “Bailando Solo” below: