Listen: Los Disco Duro's "Muchachada" [USA]

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Los Disco Duro is a brand new trio of Bay Area-based ñu-cumbia producers who hide their faces behind those over-sized solar visors that you thought only old Chinese women wore.

They do covers of rare tropical classics, like this Colombian guaracha, or its flipside, a delicious sonidera, but they do them with ’80s electro synths and robotic vocals that resemble the early break-dancing classics like Grandmaster Flash’s “Skorpio.”

The double-sided single was released by their own label Discos Más (that might give you a hint of who’s really behind those masks) in 7” vinyl, and if you’re a self-respecting DJ, you owe it to yourself to add this one to your crate. So far, that’s the only way of getting both tracks, since they’re only selling the B-side in digital form.