LISTEN: Los Headaches’ “Never Ending Hunger” LP

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How are your garage rock levels these days? Are you ready to be ear-fried by an unexpected Mexican garage discharge?

With the updated sound of the new garage scene in Mexico (and everywhere) it was just a matter of time before the next big Mexican garage thing came along.

Strangely hailing from the “murky alleys” of the Taxqueña neighborhood in Mexico City, Los Headaches are a suicide combo that strikes as raunchy, spastic, stupid and straightforward as an angry eel inside a bear’s shorts – in short: LOUD & FUNNY.

Early this year, Fossy B., Carlitos, Nico V. and Pepe pulled out a raw, fun and restless album called Never Ending Hunger, which happens to be their sophomore effort, followed by some collected tracks, all of it available in their Bandcamp.

Recorded at La Bodega Estudio, Never Ending Hunger was aptly produced and recorded by Andreas Chipster & Juan Azpiri, resulting in 14 fairly electrifying sing alongs. Never Ending Hunger is mainly sung in English, but the couple tracks in Spanish don’t skip the beat, nor the power.

It would be exhausting to start a name-dropping of musical influences that come to mind while listening to Los Headaches. Anyway, try thinking of The Libertines-meet-The Sonics playing The Stones and The Mooney Suzuki’s best of.

In the end, it’s only rock and roll; but be sure that you will love it.