Listen: Los Mundos' Retroterapia LP [MEX]

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Since it’s the end of the year and all we’re prone to looking back at all we’ve “accomplished” this year, which can produce either grinning or cringing. But Los Mundos seem to live in a constant state of nostalgia, as evidenced by their just-out second LP, Retroterapia (SourPop Records).

Whether this is therapy to relieve you of your retroness (I have seen the future and it looks like the ‘90s), regression hypnosis therapy à la Fox Mulder, or retro-exalting therapy to get you back to the good ol’ days isn’t quite clear, but I’ll take it either way if the songs are this catchy. “Mirar Sucio,” “Lentes Mágicos,” and “Morir Aburrido” are just some of the highlights from this sometimes-scuzzy, sometimes-groovy, sometimes-pretty sophomore effort. Listen below.